Monday, September 27, 2010

Independent feature film Moonbeams By Don Haderlein

Independent film Moonbeams by Don Haderlein.

Moonbeams is the coming of age story of Dave (Peter Richard) a young boy whose family is falling apart. After discovering his father is having an affair, he begins having conversations with the moon. Voiced by veteran radio and television actor Art Gilmore (Dragnet, Highway Patrol, Adam 12). Castulo Guerra (The Mexican, The Usual Suspects, Terminator 2, Alias) and Mary Joan Negro (The Practice, NYPD Blue) are the boy's psychologist and teacher who are both determined to uncover the truth about his imaginary friend. When Dave's family and friends think he is losing his mind, mysterious events happen that change the lives of Dave and those around him forever. Watch  Moonbeams by Don Haderlein today from Netflix. or watch Moonbeams from Blockbuster.


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