Beverly Hills Film Festival Winners 2009

Beverly Hills Film Festival

The annual International Beverly Hills Film Festival was founded in 2001 by award-winning independent filmmaker Nino Simone. The event is dedicated to showcasing and promoting non-studio independent feature films to the entertainment industry. Designed to bridge the world of premiere independent films with the renowned community of Beverly Hills, the festival hosts world-class screenings, networking events and industry seminars.

2009 Beverly Hills Film Festival Awards

The Golden Palm Award (best film in all categories) went to Tre lire, Primo Giorno directed by Andrea Pellizzer.

Best Actress went to Caia Cooley for Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas."

Best Actor went to Antonio Sabato Jr. for his role in Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas, directed by Michael Feifer.

Best Director went to Michael Feifer for Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas."

Best Producer
went to Michael Afendakis for Delta Rising," starring Morgan Freeman.

Best Foreign Film went to the Italian feature, Tre lire, Primo Giorno from director Andrea Pellizzer.

Best Cinematography went to the for the drama short TRACES.

Best Editing
went to the short Way Up North," directed by Levi Taylor.

Best Animation went to the retro-style short BOTNIK! from director Jacqueline Smessaert Brennan.

Best Screenplay
went to the documentary "Salud" directed, produced and starring Cesar De Leon.


Best Short Film
went to Dan and the Van" directed by John Nijhawan.

Best Documentary
went to "Henry O!" directed by Ziad Hamzeh and produced by Karen Hunter.

Best Feature Film
went to Gangster Exchange," written and directed by Dean Barjramovic and produced by David Krae.


Best Feature Film went to War Against the Weak," directed by Justin Strawhand and written by Richard Belfiore.
Best Short Film went to Way Up North" written, directed and starring Levi Taylor.


The Golden Palm Screenplay Competition Award
went to Paul De Leonardo for Europia 2050. The first runner up award went to Alek S. Carrera and Daniel Fanaberia for "Why We Live." The second runner up award went to Choices I-The Reunion, by writer James Kirtland.

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