Monday, March 30, 2009

Documentary Films For And About Peace, Justice And Human Rights

There has been a resurgence of independent feature documentary films regarding peace and conflict resolution. The independent documentary filmmaker has stepped up to replace the old school journalism that use to explore issues in depth and without trying to condense issues into 15 second sound bites and glossed over summations.

Some news we now find out from documentary filmmakers, would not be available if it were not for their research and courage to present multisided detailed factual information. Many of these films start out as "labor of love" projects in which the documentary filmmaker has a passion for the subject material and desire to make the truth of the issue(s) he or she is exploring to be known.

"Peacemaking Strategies In Postmodern Times: A Multilogue On Human Rights" documentary was taped during the Pax Christi Regional Conference in Los Angeles. Pax Christi USA strives to create a world that reflects the Peace of Christ by exploring, articulating, and witnessing to the call of Christian nonviolence. This work begins in personal life and extends to communities of reflection and action to transform structures of society. Pax Christi USA rejects war, preparations for war, and every form of violence and domination. It advocates primacy of conscience, economic and social justice, and respect for creation.

Pax Christi USA commits itself to peace education and, with the help of its bishop members, promotes the gospel imperative of peacemaking as a priority in the Catholic Church in the United States. Through the efforts of all its members and in cooperation with other groups, Pax Christi USA works toward a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world. Pax Christi is a section of Pax Christi International, the Catholic peace movement.

The Globilization of Racism and Militarism

From "Peacemaking Stategies in Postmodern Times"
A Documentary by Don Haderlein

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