Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Arthouse Independent Feature Film

Arthouse independent feature films are films in limited release and exhibited through independent and specialty theaters. These independent feature films are not created for a mainstream audience but rather a niche market. Arthouse cinema or art films are more focused on the art and experimentation of the form than on mainstream blockbuster appeal.

Arthouse independent feature films are produced without the pressures of the mainstream Hollywood model of “dumbing down” the narrative and plot. The films are not placed into a template format for structuring the narrative. This allows for unique vision and more a “real” representation of reality. Arthouse independent feature films or cinema allows for more subjective interpretation and viewer engagement in the creation of the films meaning.

The film community and mainstream Hollywood need arthouse independent feature films. Arthouse cinema are on the cutting edge of innovation and experimentation. When a new idea is found to be commercially viable it is often repeatedly copied in mainstream media. Many of the large mainstream studios have small divisions dedicated to the acquisition and distribution of arthouse cinema.

Arthouse independent feature films often are independently financed. The budgets are a lot less then it costs to produce commercial films. This makes the potential ROI of these films to be high if they get proper distribution. Arthouse feature films are often discovered at independent film festivals. Distribution channels for these films include theatrical release, television, cable, pay per view, video rental, and internet DVD sales and downloads.

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