Thursday, January 1, 2009

Independent Film Production

Making an independent film is not that much different than creating music in a band. A musician does not wait for a contract to make music. They just create it. A band is formed and the music is created. Same as for the independent filmmaker. There is no starting gun, just a desire to make films.

So if you are a filmmaker, then make films. Just do it. Do not wait for the elusive 3 picture Hollywood deal to come your way. It may never happen. And time is short, so get on with it. As a former member of bands, (and still a musician) it was not about waiting for the day to play. The day was in the now, the present to express yourself and create music.

Today it is cheaper and quicker to make an independent film than ever before. Here is the rub: make a film you believe in with a story you need to tell. The problem with thinking about what "They" want to see or "What is popular now" is that this will change and does. So create the film you want to see made. It takes time to start and finish a film (or album, book or painting), so put the time into creating the independent films you are passionate about.

Life is short.

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