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The Compassion of Jesus

Looking for film packaging, interested production companies in a co-production, and private investors for "The Compassion Of Jesus" independent art-house feature film. Completed full length screenplay looking for angel investors.

A close up and personal take on the teachings and life of Jesus. The screenplay takes a unique take on this subject matter. Looking for partners who believe in this type of Christian independent feature film and know the value of it hitting big both financially and culturally.

The Passion Of The Christ showed that there is popular demand for these types of christian films outside the usual film going populace. For investment information and/or co-production information.

Screenplay completed and film is in development. Inquire on investment and angel opportunities today.

The Compassion of Jesus Overview

Out of the depths of despair and difficult times, modern man has become complacent with a God who gives and a God who takes away. The very deep spirit of God’s Holy presence in the embodiment of His son Jesus, is often commercialized and packaged in a glossy box of heroism and magical thinking.

In this indie film, we are allowed to step back in time, to a place where Jesus saved sinners, comforted the sick, protected the children. We see that in his short lifetime, he mastered God’s greatest strengths and hopes for his people: love and compassion.

The Compassion of Jesus” is the story about the real life of Jesus. It is a film about the man who lived and breathed over 2000 years ago. “For God so loved the world, that he sent his only begotten Son, so that everyone that believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” John 3:16 New Revised Standard Edition Bible, Oxford University Press, 1989

“The Compassion of Jesus” will present the word of God in an entertaining and life changing way. It is based on the first written account of Jesus where he is portrayed as a loving and compassionate human
being who challenged people to love others as God sees and loves them.

Jesus is viewed interacting with the poor, the rich, the distant, the aloof. He reaches the outcasts of society and transforms their lives. He challenges religious leaders of his time - whom he also loved - to open
their hearts and be compassionate as well.

“The Compassion of Jesus” invites us all to be in the dynamic presence of God’s son, a man who lived among us. "The Compassion Of Jesus" is a naturalistic-realistic portrayal of Jesus.  This screenplay depicts both the humanity and divinity of Jesus focusing on the three years of his public teaching and ministry.

Screenplay by Don Haderlein.
Don Haderlein Productions (DHP)

For More Information:

"Restorative Justice" part 1
From Peacemaking Strategies in Postmdern Times
Produced by Don Haderlein

Digital Independent Feature Film

The times are changing – but not fast enough. Today digital independent feature films can be created with a digital camera and desktop computer. This is a reality that much of Hollywood does not want to admit – out-loud. Good films can be made now that look and sound great. The problem is they are rarely seen.

With the advent of POD casts and online distribution/exhibition more of these digital independent feature films are being seen. Some of the old school film directors have made digital features. The most celebrated directors of digital independent feature film so far include George Lucas, Robert Rodriguez , Steven Soderbergh, Lars von Trier and Michael Mann. There are far too many filmmakers who haven’t changed the way they make movies; creating them not too different than the first films were made. This is a lot like refusing to use a car, dishwasher, or cellphone.

The personal computer changed the way we all write documents and books. In fact, all that was ever necessary for a writer to craft their first book was a pen and paper. The problem with filmmaking is that it has been an expensive process – up until now. Today, producers of digital independent feature films can make his or her film at home behind a computer.

The cost to convert movie theaters and equip them with digital film projectors is one of the major prohibiting factors to widespread digital independent releases . The bias against "created digitally" is also a large consideration. Audiences want good entertainment - and should be given the choice to see digital independent feature films.

North Hollywood Pictures a Los Angeles area production company creates specialty and arthouse independent digital feature films by director-writer Don Haderlein.

"Restorative Justice"  documentary part 2

Peacemaking Strategies in Postmodern Times

Independent Film Production

Making an independent film is not that much different than creating music in a band. A musician does not wait for a contract to make music. They just create it. A band is formed and the music is created. Same as for the independent filmmaker. There is no starting gun, just a desire to make films.

So if you are a filmmaker, then make films. Just do it. Do not wait for the elusive 3 picture Hollywood deal to come your way. It may never happen. And time is short, so get on with it. As a former member of bands, (and still a musician) it was not about waiting for the day to play. The day was in the now, the present to express yourself and create music.

Today it is cheaper and quicker to make an independent film than ever before. Here is the rub: make a film you believe in with a story you need to tell. The problem with thinking about what "They" want to see or "What is popular now" is that this will change and does. So create the film you want to see made. It takes time to start and finish a film (or album, book or painting), so put the time into creating the independent films you are passionate about.

Life is short.