Edinburgh Film Festival Winners 2009

Moon directed by Duncan Jones scooped the Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature Film, sponsored by the UK Film Council.

Katie Jarvis picked up the PPG Award for Best Performance in a British Feature Film for her extraordinary debut in Fish Tank.

The award for Best New International Feature went to director Kyle Patrick Alvarez for his film Easier With Practice.

The Standard Life Audience Award as voted for by cinema-goers at EIFF went to animation The Secret Of Kells directed by Tomm Moore.

Director Aliona Van Der Horst picked up the award for Best Documentary about Russian poet Boris Ryzhy.

The Skillset New Directors Award went to Cary Joji Fukunaga for his stunning directorial debut in Sin Nombre.

‘Bromance’ comedy Humpday directed by Lynn Shelton was awarded The Rotten Tomatoes Critical Consensus Award.

Director Emma Sullivan’s After Tomorrow was awarded the UK Film Council Award for Best British Short Film.

The award for Best International Short Film went to Princess Margaret BLVD directed by Kazik Radwanksi.

The Scottish Short Documentary Award supported by Baillie Gifford was handed to director Johanna Wagner for 10 minute long film Peter In Radioland.

Director Laurie Hill’s Photograph Of Jesus scooped the McLaren Award for New British Animation in partnership with BBC Film Network.

Uli Jon Roth Interview

 Don Haderlein - PreEditor

25th Film Independent Spirit Awards - Nominees

The Spirit award nominees have been announced. Below is a listing for the 25th annual Spirit Awards for excellence in independent feature film-making.

Complete list of nominees for this year's Spirit Awards

Best feature: "(500) Days of Summer," "Amreeka," "Precious," "Sin Nombre," "The Last Station"

Best director: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, "A Serious Man"; Lee Daniels, "Precious"; Cary Joji Fukunaga, "Sin Nombre"; James Gray, "Two Lovers;" Michael Hoffman, "The Last Station"

Best screenplay: Alessandro Camon, Oren Moverman, "The Messenger"; Michael Hoffman, "The Last Station"; Lee Toland Krieger, "The Vicious Kind"; Greg Mottola, "Adventureland"; Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber, "(500) Days of Summer"

Best first feature: "A Single Man," "Crazy Heart," "Easier With Practice," "Paranormal Activity," "The Messenger"

Best first screenplay: Sophie Barthes, "Cold Souls"; Scott Cooper, "Crazy Heart"; Cherien Dabis, "Amreeka"; Geoffrey Fletcher, "Precious"; Tom Ford, David Scearce, "A Single Man"

John Cassavetes Award: "Big Fan," "Humpday," "The New Year Parade," "Treeless Mountain," "Zero Bridge"

Best female lead: Maria Bello, "Downloading Nancy"; Nisreen Faour, "Amreeka"; Helen Mirren, "The Last Station"; Gwyneth Paltrow, "Two Lovers"' Gabourey Sidibe, "Precious"

Best male lead: Jeff Bridges, "Crazy Heart"; Colin Firth, "A Single Man"; Joseph Gordon-Levitt, "(500) Days of Summer"; Souleymane Sy Savane, "Goodbye Solo"; Adam Scott, "The Vicious Kind"

Best supporting female: Dina Korzun, "Cold Souls"; Mo'Nique, "Precious"; Samantha Morton, "The Messenger"; Natalie Press, "Fifty Dead Men Walking"; Mia Wasikowska, "That Evening Sun"

Best supporting male: Jemaine Clement, "Gentlemen Broncos"; Woody Harrelson, "The Messenger"; Christian McKay, "Me and Orson Welles"; Raymond McKinnon, "That Evening Sun"; Christopher Plummer, "The Last Station"

Best cinematography: Roger Deakins, "A Serious Man"; Adriano Goldman, "Sin Nombre"; Anne Misawa, "Treeless Mountain"; Andrij Parekh, "Cold Souls"; Peter Zeitlinger, "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans"

Best documentary: "Anvil! The Story of Anvil," "Food, Inc.," "More Than a Game," "October Country," "Which Way Home"

Best foreign film: "A Prophet," "An Education," "Everlasting Moments," "Mother," "The Maid"

Acura Someone to Watch Award: Kyle Patrick Alvarez, "Easier With Practice"; Asiel Norton, "Redland"; Tariq Tapa, "Zero Bridge"

Truer Than Fiction Award: Natalia Almada, "El General"; Jessica Oreck, "Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo"; Bill Ross, Turner Ross, "45365"

Piaget Producers Award: Karin Chien, ("The Exploding Girl," "Santa Mesa"); Larry Fessenden, ("I Sell the Dead," "The House of the Devil"); Dia Sokol, ("Beeswax," "Nights & Weekends")

Peacemaking Strategies in Postmodern Times

Directed by Don Haderlein

Venice Film Festival Winners 2009

Venice Film Independent Feature Film Festival Winners 2009


Lebanon by Samuel Maoz (Israel)

SILVER LION - Best Director

Shirin Neshat for Women Without Men (Germany/Austria/France)


Soul Kitchen by Fatih Akin

COPPA VOLPI - Best Actor

Colin Firth for A Single Man by Tom Ford (USA)

COPPA VOLPI - Best Actress

Ksenia Rappoport for by Patrick Mario Bernard and Pierre Trividic (France)

OSELLA - Best Screenplay

Todd Solondz for Life During Wartime (USA)

MARCELLO MASTROIANNI AWARD - Best Young Actor or Actress

Jasmine Trinca for Il Grande Sogno by Michelle Placido (Italy)

OSELLA - Best Production Designer

Sylvie Olive for Mr. Nobody by Jaco Van Dormael (France)


Engkwentro by Pepe Diokno (Philippines)


Cosmonauta by Susanna Nicchiarelli

QUEER LION - Best Gay Film:
A Single Man, directed by Tom Ford

Don Haderlein

Director's Reel

"The Patriot Act and the Current Threat To Our Civil Liberties" part 2

Don Haderlein

Toronto International Film Festival 2009 Winners

Cadillac People’s Choice Award:

Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire by Lee Daniels

Runners up: Mao's Last Dancer by Bruce Beresford, Micmacs by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Cadillac People’s Choice Award For Documentary:

The Topp Twins
by Leanne Pooley

Runner up: Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore

Cadillac People’s Choice Award For Midnight Madness:

The Loved Ones

Runner up: Daybreakers by Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig

City of Toronto and Astral Media’s The Movie Network Award For Best Canadian Feature Film:

Cairo Time by Ruba Nadda

SKYY Vodka Award For Best Canadian First Feature Film:

The Wild Hunt by Alexandre Franchi

Prizes of the International Critics (FIPRESCI Prize) for Special Presentations Section:

Hadewijch by Bruno Dumont

Prizes of the International Critics (FIPRESCI Prize) for Discovery Section:

The Man Beyond the Bridge by Laxmikant Shetgaonkar

Award For Best Canadian Short Film:

Danse Macabre by Pedro Pires

Honorable mention: The Armoire by Jamie Travis

Special Jury Citation from the Best Canadian Feature jury:

La Donation by Bernard Émond

Los Angeles Film Festival 2009 Winners

Target Filmmaker Award - Sam Fleischner and Ben Chace for "Wah Do Dem" ("What They Do")

Target Documentary Award - Juan Carlos Rulfo and Carlos Hagerman for "Those Who Remain" ("Los Que se Quedan")

Target Dream in Color Award
- Sam Rubin for "Lipstick"

Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature - "The Stoning of Soraya M.," directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh

Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature - "Soul Power," directed by Jeffrey Levy-Hinte

Audience Award for Best International Feature
- Eva Norvind's "Born Without" ("Nacido Sin")

Outstanding Performance in the Narrative Competition - Shayne Topp for his performance in Suzi Yoonessi's "Dear Lemon Lima"

Best Narrative Short Film - Antonio Mendez Esparza's "Time and Again"

Best Documentary Short Film - Anna Gaskell's "Replayground"

Best Animated Short Film - Jérémy Clapin's "Skhizein"

Audience Award for Best Short Film
- "Instead of Abracadabra," directed by Patrick Eklund

Audience Award for Best Music Video
- "Grapevine Fires," directed by Walter Robot for Death Cab for Cutie

 Letting Our Light Shine

Directed by Bernadette Haderlein

Still The Drums (2009) "A Suspenseful Tour de Force!"

Still The Drums, written-directed-produced by Talbot Perry Simons, is one of the most patriotic anti-war films I have ever seen. The film screened August 1st at the 2009 New York International Independent Film Festival in Los Angeles. The film tells the story of four childhood friends sent off to fight in Vietnam. One does not return. Thirty-nine years later, his body is found and an ensuing mystery begins to unfold. The film has moments that reminded me of “Coming Home” and “The Best Years Of Our Lives” mixed in with flashbacks of childhood as rich as “Stand By Me”.

The film at its core is a story of friendship, loyalty and morality. It opens on the afternoon the three men have attended a funeral for their fallen friend who has been MIA for thirty-nine years. Their friend Lt. Jack (Jacky) Buchannon was awarded the medal of honor as a fallen hero. We find out that these three surviving friends, Tom (Talbot Perry Simons), Mike (Bobby Figaro) and Al (Richard Fulvio) have been meeting in a similar way once a year since Jacky went missing. They honor him by drinking Jack Daniels and telling stories from their youth.

This year is different. Jacky is not only the recipient of the Medal of Honor but is having an extension onto the community college named after him. After a few drinks, it is clear that not everything is how it seems, and as the film transitions to weave scenes from three periods of these men’s lives, old war memories spring back to life and the story culminates into a riveting and suspenseful tour de force.

The men’s experiences in Vietnam and childhood as friends are told with an effective use of flashbacks. If you were wondering “Why make another film about Vietnam. Haven’t we explored all the issues regarding that war?”, then you will find your answer in “Still The Drums”. This is not only a film about Vietnam but war in general. For these vets, the war never ended. It is not just a flashback or period in their lives, they live with the effects it had and has on them daily. The film makes the point that for all veterans, their war is never really over.

Talbot Perry Simons independent feature film goes beyond the typical war film. “Still The Drums” is a gripping, tense and heart-wrenching film that challenges the viewer to question what he or she would do in a moral dilemma in a time of war. It also reminds us that it is our choices in adversity that define our character and our humanity. Don't miss Still The Drums. Its a powerful small film that tackles timeless monumental themes in a masterful and balanced manner. The film will be playing again in Saturday October 24th at the City Cinemas on 2nd Ave and 12th street in New York City as part of the New York International Independent Film Festival screenings in New York. View the Still The Drums trailer here. View the audience responses in NYC and Los Angeles

The Apostles "Windowpanr"
(Founding members of Grammy Award Winners TRAIN)
Directed by Don Haderlein

Canne Film Festival Winners 2009

Canne film festival started in 1946 to award and showcase European feature films. Canne has since become an international film market. Canne award winning films are often art films. The highest award is the Canne film festival Palme d'or or Golden Palm. Producers will often debut films there in hopes of securing an international film distribution deal.

Palme d'Or

Palme d'Or (Golden Palm):
The White Ribbon directed by Michael Haneke

Grand Prize (Runner Up):
Un Prophète (A Prophet) directed by Jacques Audiard

Special Jury Prize:
Alain Resnais director of Wild Grass (Les Herbes Folles)

Best Director:

Brillante Mendoza for Kinatay

Best Screenplay:
Feng Mei for Lou Ye's Spring Fever

Jury Prize:
Fish Tank directed by Andrea Arnold
Thirst directed by Park Chan-wook

Camera d'Or (First-Time Filmmaker):
Samson and Delilah directed by Warwick Thornton

Best Leading Actor:

Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds

Best Leading Actress:

Charlotte Gainsbourg in Antichrist

Un Certain Regard Prize:

Dogtooth (Kynodntas) directed by Yorgos Lanthimos

Jury Prize:
Police, Adjective (Politist, Adjectiv) directed by Corneliu Porumboiu

Special Jury Prize:

No One Knows About Persian Cats directed by Bahman Ghobadi
Father of My Children (Le Père de mes Enfants) directed by Mia Hansen-Løve

DHP Productions

Don Haderlein Productions

Children Of Sudan

Sam Childers tells his story of rescuing over 1000 children in the south of Sudan. Sam started Angels of East Africa, a Children's Village for orphans located in South Sudan dedicated to the rescue of children caught in the crossfire of the rebel atrocities in the area. Sam is currently doing the same type of rescue and empowerment work in Darfur.

Sam talks about his newly released book entitled "Another Man's War" as well as the upcoming feature film based on his book.

For more information and to help this cause:


Beverly Hills Film Festival Winners 2009

Beverly Hills Film Festival

The annual International Beverly Hills Film Festival was founded in 2001 by award-winning independent filmmaker Nino Simone. The event is dedicated to showcasing and promoting non-studio independent feature films to the entertainment industry. Designed to bridge the world of premiere independent films with the renowned community of Beverly Hills, the festival hosts world-class screenings, networking events and industry seminars.

2009 Beverly Hills Film Festival Awards

The Golden Palm Award (best film in all categories) went to Tre lire, Primo Giorno directed by Andrea Pellizzer.

Best Actress went to Caia Cooley for Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas."

Best Actor went to Antonio Sabato Jr. for his role in Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas, directed by Michael Feifer.

Best Director went to Michael Feifer for Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas."

Best Producer
went to Michael Afendakis for Delta Rising," starring Morgan Freeman.

Best Foreign Film went to the Italian feature, Tre lire, Primo Giorno from director Andrea Pellizzer.

Best Cinematography went to the for the drama short TRACES.

Best Editing
went to the short Way Up North," directed by Levi Taylor.

Best Animation went to the retro-style short BOTNIK! from director Jacqueline Smessaert Brennan.

Best Screenplay
went to the documentary "Salud" directed, produced and starring Cesar De Leon.


Best Short Film
went to Dan and the Van" directed by John Nijhawan.

Best Documentary
went to "Henry O!" directed by Ziad Hamzeh and produced by Karen Hunter.

Best Feature Film
went to Gangster Exchange," written and directed by Dean Barjramovic and produced by David Krae.


Best Feature Film went to War Against the Weak," directed by Justin Strawhand and written by Richard Belfiore.
Best Short Film went to Way Up North" written, directed and starring Levi Taylor.


The Golden Palm Screenplay Competition Award
went to Paul De Leonardo for Europia 2050. The first runner up award went to Alek S. Carrera and Daniel Fanaberia for "Why We Live." The second runner up award went to Choices I-The Reunion, by writer James Kirtland.

Music Video
 Don Haderlein - Preditor

Documentary Films For And About Peace, Justice And Human Rights

There has been a resurgence of independent feature documentary films regarding peace and conflict resolution. The independent documentary filmmaker has stepped up to replace the old school journalism that use to explore issues in depth and without trying to condense issues into 15 second sound bites and glossed over summations.

Some news we now find out from documentary filmmakers, would not be available if it were not for their research and courage to present multisided detailed factual information. Many of these films start out as "labor of love" projects in which the documentary filmmaker has a passion for the subject material and desire to make the truth of the issue(s) he or she is exploring to be known.

"Peacemaking Strategies In Postmodern Times: A Multilogue On Human Rights" documentary was taped during the Pax Christi Regional Conference in Los Angeles. Pax Christi USA strives to create a world that reflects the Peace of Christ by exploring, articulating, and witnessing to the call of Christian nonviolence. This work begins in personal life and extends to communities of reflection and action to transform structures of society. Pax Christi USA rejects war, preparations for war, and every form of violence and domination. It advocates primacy of conscience, economic and social justice, and respect for creation.

Pax Christi USA commits itself to peace education and, with the help of its bishop members, promotes the gospel imperative of peacemaking as a priority in the Catholic Church in the United States. Through the efforts of all its members and in cooperation with other groups, Pax Christi USA works toward a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world. Pax Christi is a section of Pax Christi International, the Catholic peace movement.

The Globilization of Racism and Militarism

From "Peacemaking Stategies in Postmodern Times"
A Documentary by Don Haderlein

Sundance Film Festival And The 2009 Festival Winners

The Sundance film festival has become the premier independent American film festival and film market. The film festival started in 1978 as a way to attract more visitors to Utah. The focus of the festival has been to showcase independent films from filmmakers outside the Hollywood mainstream.

The Sundance Film Festival has since grown into a large American film market where many Hollywood celebrities attend films that are now backed by major Hollywood studios through their subsidiaries. The list below are the winners of the 2009 festival.

The Sundance film festival still remains a good way for a relatively unknown independent feature film director to get noticed by distributors. It is best to attend Sundance having won some other awards and with a "buzz" proceeding your film's arrival.

The 2009 winners of the Sundance Film Festival are listed below.

U.S. Cinema - Dramatic Films

Jury Prize - Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire

Audience Award - Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire

Directing - Cary Joji Fukunaga, Sin Nombre

Screenwriting - Nicholas Jasenovec and Charlyne Yi, Paper Heart

Cinematography - Adriano Goldman, Sin Nombre

U.S. Cinema - Documentary

Jury Prize - We Live in Public

Audience Award - The Cove

Directing - Natalia Almada, El General

Editing - Karen Schmeer, Sergio

Cinematography - Bob Richman, The September Issue

World Cinema - Dramatic Films

Jury Prize - The Maid

Audience Award - An Education

Directing - Oliver Hirschbiegel, Five Minutes of Heaven

Screenwriting - Guy Hibbert, Five Minutes of Heaven

Cinematography - John De Borman, An Education

World Cinema - Documentaries

Jury Prize - Rough Aunties

Audience Award - Afghan Star

Directing - Havana Marking, Afghan Star

Editor - Janus Billeskov Jansen, Thomas Papapetros, Burma VJ

Cinematography - John Maringouin, Big River Man

Special Jury Prizes

Originality - Benoit Delepine, Gustave de Kervern, Louise-Michel

World Cinema Documentary - Tibet in Song

World Cinema Acting - Catalina Saavedra, The Maid

U.S. Documentary - Good Hair

Acting - Mo'Nique, Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire

Spirit of Independence - Humpday

Short Films

U.S. Jury Prize - Short Term 12

International Jury Prize - Lies

Independent Spirit Awards 2009

The Independent Spirit Awards began in 1984. They are awards given to independent filmmakers and their films. The original award show was called the FINDIE. The Independent Spirit Awards changed their name again in 2005 from IFP West to the Film Independent Spirit Awards. Below are the nominations and winners for the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards.

Spirit Award Best Feature Nominees

* The Wrestler WINNER
* Ballast
* Frozen River
* Rachel Getting Married
* Wendy and Lucy

Spirit Award Best Director Nominees

* Tom McCarthy for The Visitor WINNER
* Ramin Bahrani for Chop Shop Movie
* Jonathan Demme for Rachel Getting Married
* Lance Hammer for Ballast
* Courtney Hunt for Frozen River

Spirit Award Best First Feature Nominees

* Synecdoche, New York WINNER
* Afterschool
* Medicine for Melancholy
* Sangre De Me Sangre
* Sleep Dealer

Spirit Award Best Male Lead Nominees

* Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler WINNER
* Javier Bardem for Vicky Cristina Barcelona
* Richard Jenkins for The Visitor
* Sean Penn for Milk
* Jeremy Renner for The Hurt Locker

Spirit Award Best Female Lead Nominees

* Melissa Leo for Frozen River WINNER
* Summer Bishil for Towelhead
* Anne Hathaway for Rachel Getting Married
* Tarra Riggs for Ballast
* Michelle Williams for Wendy and Lucy

Spirit Award Best Supporting Male Nominees

* James Franco for Milk - WINNER

* Anthony Mackie for The Hurt Locker
* Charlie McDermott for Frozen River
* JimMyron Ross for Ballast
* Haaz Sleiman for The Visitor

Spirit Award Best Supporting Female Nominees

* Penelope Cruz for Vicky Cristina Barcelona WINNER
* Rosemarie DeWitt for Rachel Getting Married
* Rosie Perez for The Take
* Misty Upham for Frozen River
* Debra Winger for Rachel Getting Married

Spirit Award Best Screenplay Nominees

* Woody Allen for Vicky Cristina Barcelona WINNER
* Anna Boden and Ryan Flick for Sugar
* Charlie Kaufman for Synecdoche New York
* Howard A Rodman for Savage Grace
* Jenny Lumet for Rachel Getting Married

Spirit Award Best First Screenplay Nominees

* Dustin Lance Black for Milk - WINNER
* Lance Hammer for Ballast
* Courtney Hunt for Frozen River
* Jonathan Levine for The Wackness
* Jenny Lumet for Rachel Getting Married

Spirit Award Best Foreign Film Nominees

* The Class WINNER
* Gomorra
* Hunger
* Secret of the Grain
* Silent Light

Spirit Award Best Documentary Nominees

* Man on Wire WINNER
* The Betrayal
* Encounters at the End of the World
* The Order of Myths
* Up the Yangtze

Spirit Award Best Cinematography Nominees

* Maryse Alberti for The Wrestler WINNER
* Lol Crawley for Ballast
* James Laxton for Medicine for Melancholy
* Harris Savides for Milk
* Michael Simmonds for Chop Shop

John Cassavetes Award

* In Search of a Midnight Kiss, Alex Holdridge, Seth Caplan and Scoot McNairy WINNER
* Prince of Broadway, Sean Baker and Darren Dean
* The Signal, David Bruckner, Dan Bush, Jacob Gentry and Alexander Motlagh
* Take Out, Sean Baker and Shih-Ching Tsou
* Turn the River, Chris Eigeman and Ami Armstrong

Robert Altman Award

* Synecdoche New York

Piaget Producers Award Nominees

* Heather Rae for Frozen River, WINNER
* Lars Knudsen and Jay Van Hoy for Treeless Mountain, I'll Come Running
* Jason Orans for Goodbye Solo, Year of the Fish

Arthouse Independent Feature Film

Arthouse independent feature films are films in limited release and exhibited through independent and specialty theaters. These independent feature films are not created for a mainstream audience but rather a niche market. Arthouse cinema or art films are more focused on the art and experimentation of the form than on mainstream blockbuster appeal.

Arthouse independent feature films are produced without the pressures of the mainstream Hollywood model of “dumbing down” the narrative and plot. The films are not placed into a template format for structuring the narrative. This allows for unique vision and more a “real” representation of reality. Arthouse independent feature films or cinema allows for more subjective interpretation and viewer engagement in the creation of the films meaning.

The film community and mainstream Hollywood need arthouse independent feature films. Arthouse cinema are on the cutting edge of innovation and experimentation. When a new idea is found to be commercially viable it is often repeatedly copied in mainstream media. Many of the large mainstream studios have small divisions dedicated to the acquisition and distribution of arthouse cinema.

Arthouse independent feature films often are independently financed. The budgets are a lot less then it costs to produce commercial films. This makes the potential ROI of these films to be high if they get proper distribution. Arthouse feature films are often discovered at independent film festivals. Distribution channels for these films include theatrical release, television, cable, pay per view, video rental, and internet DVD sales and downloads.

Auteur Films

Independent feature film auteurs are filmmakers who create independent films that can be categorized and recognized by their individual film-making styles.

The French theorists came up with classifying some directors as “auteurs” or authors based on their recognizable signatures upon their body of work. A director that could preserve his style, vision and imprint was considered an auteur filmmaker.

Digital filmmaking allows many more directors to create auteur independent feature films because the financial risks are a lot less then studio films as they imprint personal style and taste over commercial restraints. Some of the contemporary auteurs are David Lynch, Spike Lee, Martin Scorcese and Quentin Tarantino.

"The Patriot Act and the Current Threat to our Civil Liberties" part 1

from Peacemaking Strategies in Postmodern Times

Produced by Don Haderlein

The Independent Feature Film Writer-Director

The independent feature film writer-director has a strong individual voice reflected in a film. It is common that films written by a screenwriter are no longer involved with rewrites of their original script. If the script is kept the same – the screenwriter rarely is included on the set. This differs a lot from theater where the playwright often collaborates with the director throughout the production.

Often viewers say that they have just seen a film but it seemed as if they were watching two or three different movies. That may be because of the different voices and opinions that have been weaved into the production. Could you imagine a painting or novel completed by multiple artists and businessmen? When the voice of a film is interrupted or changed, the vision, perspective and art of the film suffers. This is not the case with the independent feature film writer-director.

There are many facets in the complex process and collaboration of film-making that films often do not fall under one vision. The independent feature film writer-director has control over both story and bringing it to life. Current examples of independent feature film writer-directors are Woody Allen, John Sayles and Kevin Smith. A strong director-writer may be the closest a film has to a true author.

North Hollywood Pictures - a Los Angeles area film production company creates independent feature films by writer-director Don Haderlein.

Peacemaking Strategies In Postmodern Times

The Globilization of Racism and Militarism Part 3

Produced by Don Haderlein


Film Investment : The Compassion Of Jesus - Christian Film Investment

The Compassion of Jesus

Looking for film packaging, interested production companies in a co-production, and private investors for "The Compassion Of Jesus" independent art-house feature film. Completed full length screenplay looking for angel investors.

A close up and personal take on the teachings and life of Jesus. The screenplay takes a unique take on this subject matter. Looking for partners who believe in this type of Christian independent feature film and know the value of it hitting big both financially and culturally.

The Passion Of The Christ showed that there is popular demand for these types of christian films outside the usual film going populace. For investment information and/or co-production information.

Screenplay completed and film is in development. Inquire on investment and angel opportunities today.

The Compassion of Jesus Overview

Out of the depths of despair and difficult times, modern man has become complacent with a God who gives and a God who takes away. The very deep spirit of God’s Holy presence in the embodiment of His son Jesus, is often commercialized and packaged in a glossy box of heroism and magical thinking.

In this indie film, we are allowed to step back in time, to a place where Jesus saved sinners, comforted the sick, protected the children. We see that in his short lifetime, he mastered God’s greatest strengths and hopes for his people: love and compassion.

The Compassion of Jesus” is the story about the real life of Jesus. It is a film about the man who lived and breathed over 2000 years ago. “For God so loved the world, that he sent his only begotten Son, so that everyone that believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” John 3:16 New Revised Standard Edition Bible, Oxford University Press, 1989

“The Compassion of Jesus” will present the word of God in an entertaining and life changing way. It is based on the first written account of Jesus where he is portrayed as a loving and compassionate human
being who challenged people to love others as God sees and loves them.

Jesus is viewed interacting with the poor, the rich, the distant, the aloof. He reaches the outcasts of society and transforms their lives. He challenges religious leaders of his time - whom he also loved - to open
their hearts and be compassionate as well.

“The Compassion of Jesus” invites us all to be in the dynamic presence of God’s son, a man who lived among us. "The Compassion Of Jesus" is a naturalistic-realistic portrayal of Jesus.  This screenplay depicts both the humanity and divinity of Jesus focusing on the three years of his public teaching and ministry.

Screenplay by Don Haderlein.
Don Haderlein Productions (DHP)

For More Information:

"Restorative Justice" part 1
From Peacemaking Strategies in Postmdern Times
Produced by Don Haderlein

Digital Independent Feature Film

The times are changing – but not fast enough. Today digital independent feature films can be created with a digital camera and desktop computer. This is a reality that much of Hollywood does not want to admit – out-loud. Good films can be made now that look and sound great. The problem is they are rarely seen.

With the advent of POD casts and online distribution/exhibition more of these digital independent feature films are being seen. Some of the old school film directors have made digital features. The most celebrated directors of digital independent feature film so far include George Lucas, Robert Rodriguez , Steven Soderbergh, Lars von Trier and Michael Mann. There are far too many filmmakers who haven’t changed the way they make movies; creating them not too different than the first films were made. This is a lot like refusing to use a car, dishwasher, or cellphone.

The personal computer changed the way we all write documents and books. In fact, all that was ever necessary for a writer to craft their first book was a pen and paper. The problem with filmmaking is that it has been an expensive process – up until now. Today, producers of digital independent feature films can make his or her film at home behind a computer.

The cost to convert movie theaters and equip them with digital film projectors is one of the major prohibiting factors to widespread digital independent releases . The bias against "created digitally" is also a large consideration. Audiences want good entertainment - and should be given the choice to see digital independent feature films.

North Hollywood Pictures a Los Angeles area production company creates specialty and arthouse independent digital feature films by director-writer Don Haderlein.

"Restorative Justice"  documentary part 2

Peacemaking Strategies in Postmodern Times

Independent Film Production

Making an independent film is not that much different than creating music in a band. A musician does not wait for a contract to make music. They just create it. A band is formed and the music is created. Same as for the independent filmmaker. There is no starting gun, just a desire to make films.

So if you are a filmmaker, then make films. Just do it. Do not wait for the elusive 3 picture Hollywood deal to come your way. It may never happen. And time is short, so get on with it. As a former member of bands, (and still a musician) it was not about waiting for the day to play. The day was in the now, the present to express yourself and create music.

Today it is cheaper and quicker to make an independent film than ever before. Here is the rub: make a film you believe in with a story you need to tell. The problem with thinking about what "They" want to see or "What is popular now" is that this will change and does. So create the film you want to see made. It takes time to start and finish a film (or album, book or painting), so put the time into creating the independent films you are passionate about.

Life is short.