Junior: The Terrance Cottrell Jr. Story

Junior: The Terrance Cottrell Jr. Story is a documentary about a young boy who dies during a modern day exorcism. The film is co-produced by John and Don Haderlein.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Maybe Its Not Such A Wonderful Life

A funny parody of Frank Capra's "Its A Wonderful Life" directed by Don Haderlein. A comedy short on the classic Christmas film but with a new twist. Clarence is not such a benevolent angel. In this film, he is more of an angel of death. A one man comedy show with the lead playing both the roles of George Baily and Clarence Odbody. Directed by Don Haderlein. A humorous retelling of the classic film.

Maybe Its Not Such A Wonderful Life - Part 1

Maybe Its Not Such A Wonderful Life - Part 2

Moonbeams By Don Haderlein

Moonbeams is a multiple award winning independent feature film about a boy who talks to the moon. Rent it today from Netflix or Blockbuster Online. This festival award winning and Telly award winning film by North Hollywood Pictures is produced-written-directed by Don Haderlein. The film stars Castulo Guerra, Mary Joan Negro, Art Gilmore, Bridget O'Reilly, Norman Snow, Nancy Fassett, Peter Haderlein, and William Jackson.

The Moon is Just A Moon...Until One Day It Talks To You

Moonbeams - Wish You Were Here

Moonbeams - Keep The Window Open

Digital Independent Feature Film


Independent feature films allow the filmmaker freedom to explore themes and aesthetics that are outside of the mainstream Hollywood studio commercial box. As studios concentrate more and more on safe and calculated blockbuster movies, the creators of independent feature film can take more risks and explore the art of film.

Since the digital video revolution, the process of creating independent feature film has become more affordable to producers. This allows for more filmmakers who create independent feature film to express themselves in this art form that would not have had access before this time due to the ever escalating high cost of originating and distributing on film.

Now more and more television, film studios and individuals creating independent feature films shoot using High Definition video. This technology continues to rival film in look. Many theaters are now equipped to project these independent feature films and HD TVs are in many homes. Yet it still remains a small percentage of movie theaters today. It will not be long before broadband will deliver most of our digital content including movies. Independent feature film is on the rise and here to stay.

Producers and directors making independent feature films have more choices regarding which stories they bring to life. They can take risks that the large studios can not afford. Today the independent filmmaker has tools to create effects that were not possible or affordable before the digital film revolution began. These effects are created at a fraction of the cost as the same effect made on film. They can be distributed a lot less expensively than on film stock as well.

Story is at the heart of all great films. There are too many Hollywood films that sound and look great, but after wards do not add up to a great film. Independent feature films can focus on story driven films as well as cost effective special effects. Independent feature films originated on video or another digital capture device can be transferred to film stock and projected from traditional film projectors.

North Hollywood Pictures maintains its independence so as to produce independent feature films with value by writer-director-producer Don Haderlein. NHP are pioneers in digital feature filmmaking since 1998.

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